Sensory Acuity And Advanced Rapport Techniques For Managers

Our ‘Sensory Acuity And Advanced Rapport Techniques Training For Managers’ is highly effective Professional Development Training geared specifically to the Managerial Level of your Organization.

Upon completion of our 3 day Training Program, each Candidate will be able to:

  • Increase Profitability
  • Strengthen Client | Supplier Relationships
  • Reduce Employee Complaints Against Management
  • Reduce Employee Litigation Against Management
  • Increase their Effective Communication Skills
  • Recognize Deception Quickly
  • Quickly and Effectively Establish and Maintain Rapport
  • Increase Productivity thru Effective Communication Techniques
  • Quickly and Effectively Resolve Conflict
  • Increase their cohesive Team Building Skills
  • Strengthen Management | Employee Relationships
  • Foster Employee | Management Loyalty
  • Reduce Employee Absenteeism

This Training Program ENSURES Manager Candidate ‘Technique Competence’ and ‘Technique Confidence’ through successfully completing all 16 practical Exercises

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