* Using “Soul Repair” To Prevent Veteran / Military Service Member Suicides

Our Moral Injury Training and Moral Repair is intended for Veterans of War and for Emergency Services Members.

The concept of Moral Injury was developed to describe an Individual’s moral conscience ‘troubled’ by an act or a perceived act of ‘moral transgression’.

This concept focuses on 3 aspects of Trauma resolution:

  • Spiritual perspectives
  • Cultural perspectives
  • Psychological perspectives

Moral Injury has been defined as ‘perpetrating, failing to prevent, being witness to, or learning about, acts that transgress deeply held Moral beliefs and expectations’
(Litz et al 2009)

Many of our Clients did not achieve the Results they had anticipated through conventional / mainstream Treatment approaches…

If you or a loved one are in this circumstance, please contact us to discuss how we might best assist with your / their Recovery.

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Our Treatment (training) is Rapid and Effective and our Results are Immediate and Measureable.