1-on-1 Resiliency Training (treatment)

‘Resiliency’ Training is our 2 hour, 1-on-1 program and is also the foundation of our ‘Optimal Performance Consistency’ Training.

Our ‘Resiliency’ Training (Non-Medical) is designed specifically for our Individual Adult or Teenaged Client including Civilians, Police, Fire, EMS, 911 Dispatchers, Veterans / Military Service Members (and their Families).

For many of our Individual Clients, their Unwanted Behaviour(s) can be effectively addressed (rehabilitation) through our Cognitive Behavioural Re-Processing, simply with our 2 hour ‘Resiliency’ Training Program.

Typical Results of our ‘Resiliency’ Training Program include:

  • Restores Efficiency and Effectiveness of Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term Memory
  • Restores Cognitive Function (Including ability to Focus, to Concentrate and to Learn)
  • Reduces Frustration Leading To Anger
  • Removes Body Memories and Relocates them Efficiently and Effectively to Assist the Body in Healing Itself
  • Allows Behavioural Choices
  • Changes many of the Negative Self-Talk Tapes (Bad Tapes)
  • Organizes Past Memories based on each Memory’s Emotionality
  • Dramatically assists in Restoring Healthy Sleep Habits
  • Dramatically Reduces Unhealthy Stress and Anxiety
  • Assists in Reducing Emotional and Physical Pain
  • Reduces Frequency and Intensity of Panic Attacks
  • Reduces Suicidal Thoughts and Tendencies
  • Reduces Hypervigilence
  • Reduces Frequency and Intensity of Flashbacks

Our Treatment (training) is Rapid and Effective and our Results are Immediate and Measurable.
‘Ease with Dignity…’