Our Executive Function Disorder Training (treatment) is specifically designed (rehabilitation) for our Clients (Adults, Teenagers and Children) including: Civilians, Police, Fire, EMS, 911 Dispatchers and Veterans / Military Service Members (and their Families).

Several of the common “unwanted Behaviours” and “Cognitive Deficits” we replace / repair include:

  • Working Memory (short term memory) difficulties
  • Attention problems (including ADD & ADHD)
  • Emotion regulation problems
  • Flexibility problems
  • Inhibitory Control difficulties
  • Initiation difficulties
  • Problems with organizing
  • Planning difficulties
  • Problems with Completing Tasks

Recovery from many of these ‘unwanted Behaviours’ and “Cognitive Deficits” can be achieved through our “Optimal Performance Consistency Training” and our “Cognitive Re-Training” & “Cognitive Rehabilitation”. (treatment)

Many of our Clients did not achieve the Results they had anticipated through conventional / mainstream Treatment approaches…

If you or a loved one are in this circumstance, please contact us to discuss how we might best assist with your / their Recovery.

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Our Treatment (training) is Rapid and Effective and our Results are Immediate and Measurable.