Military Training

[Counter-Terrorism | Situational Awareness | Counter-Measures | Field Interviewing Training]

Our 5 day Military Training Class will increase Military Service Members’ S/A skills by learning hands on, proven, practical Techniques designed to increase S/A while conducting Field interviews with Un-cooperative Persons and possible domestic and foreign Terrorists.

With the increasing number of Incidents involving Homeland Security | National Security and possible Terrorist activities, it is critical that each Military Service Member now have these additional effective Field Interviewing Skills.

This Class will help Military Service Members;

  • Increase Situational Awareness
  • Recognize deception quickly
  • Increase interdiction with possible Terrorist activities
  • Gain admissions and confessions from Un-cooperative Persons and possible Domestic & Foreign Terrorists
  • Gain accurate, detailed and complete information from Victims, Witnesses, Accused persons and Informants in order to increase accurate information on possible Terrorist threats
  • Successfully apply all 16 Counter Measures

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