During the past 30 years we have provided highly specialized, effective Behaviour Based Solutions for Individuals, Governments and Corporations from Canada, the USA and other allied NATO countries.

WHY CHOOSE US? Whenever working with Individuals WE resolve the underlying root cause, NOT the symptoms! (Our 1-on-1 Work is often used to “augment” the Treatments provided by Psychiatrists, Psychologists and by Naturopathic Doctors when “additional” Treatment is required).

We are Innovators in providing effective, unique Solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our Clients which include Civilians (Adults, Teenagers and Children), First Responders and Veterans / Military Service Members.

Eating Disorders
Complex Trauma / MST / PTS / Combat Stress / Operator Syndrome / OSIs
Brain Injuries
Cognitive Function Repair

DUBIEL, GRAY AND ASSOCIATES are uniquely qualified to provide these effective, rapid and permanent Solutions to Police, Fire, EMS, 911 Dispatchers and to Veterans / Military Service Members (and their Families).
(Repair, Rehabilitate. Recover)

We continue to be the only providers of these “specialized” Solutions.

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