Our Learning Disabilities Training (treatment) is designed specifically for our Clients (Adults, Teenagers and Children) including: Civilians, Police, Fire, EMS, 911 Dispatchers and Veterans / Military Service Members (and their Families).

Learning Disabilities have been described as “failure(s) in the ability to Receive, Process, Recall then communicate that information successfully”.

Recovery from the following Learning Disabilities (rehabilitation) can often be achieved through our “Resiliency and Optimal Performance Consistency Training” and our “Cognitive Re-Training” & “Cognitive Rehabilitation”: (treatment)

  • Reading (dyslexia) ie: problems with Reading, Writing, Spelling and Speaking
  • Writing (dysgraphia) ie: problems with Handwriting, Editing and Organizing
  • Math (dyscalculia) ie: problems with Counting and Patterns of Numbers etc
  • Learning and Attention Issues (eg: Developmental delays, Cognitive deficits / impairments etc.)

Many of our Clients did not achieve the Results they had anticipated through conventional / mainstream Treatment approaches…

If you or a loved one are in this circumstance, please contact us to discuss how we might best assist with your / their Recovery.

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Our Treatment (training) is Rapid and Effective and our Results are Immediate and Measurable.