Why Choose Us?

DUBIEL, GRAY AND ASSOCIATES INC. was incorporated in Ontario during August 1994 and remains 100% Canadian owned and operated.

Our Vision: ‘To Consistently continue to provide ‘leading edge’ Effective Behaviour Based Training Solutions to all of our Clients…’

 We continue to provide professional Consulting and Training Services internationally to 3 key sectors:

  • INDIVIDUALS: (Behaviour Modification Training for Adults, Teenagers and Children)
  • CORPORATIONS: (Specialized Instructor-Led Training)
  • GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: (Specialized Instructor-Led Training)

 Our Expertise and proven proprietary ‘Methods, Processes and Techniques’ are key to ensuring our Clients successfully complete their Training program with energy and powerful new ‘Tools’ to achieve Positive, Immediate, Measureable results.

We govern ourselves basing everything upon the precepts of ‘Honor, Code and Integrity’.

We are ‘Solution Centered’ and strongly believe our proven Methodologies and Processes are Key to your Success.

We focus on Changing / Replacing those Unwanted unconscious Behaviours ‘Rapidly and Permanently’.

 Our 22 year proven track record of Success speaks for itself.

We can help.

Contact us today. Thank you.

Dubiel, Gray And Associates Inc.
235 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
L6J 1H7
Tel: 905.599.6002
Email: dubielgray@mail.com